ECOBOTICS.SEA is an international  research  and  training  project  that  will  meaningfully  extend  the current  state-of-the-art  on  robotics  for  the  analysis  and  monitoring  of  marine  species  communities, focusing  mainly  on  aquatic  biodiversity.

The long‐term  aim  is  to  provide better  range and quality of ecological services that can have a high societal and economic impact on quality of life, including quality of water, cultural heritage and recreation activities, sustainable food production, raw materials and medicine. Interdisciplinary  research  will  be  carried  out  on  how  autonomous,  interactive,  and  also  biomimetic, underwater robots can support Ecologists and other stakeholders in this domain, providing powerful novel  tools  that  may  help  them  tackle  fundamental  issues  in  the  Environment,  and  open  new  business opportunities for companies investing in the fast‐growing eco‐market.


The ECOBOTICS.SEA project is coordinated by ISR – University of Coimbra.






Contacts via e-mail (Scientific Coordination: Prof. Jorge Dias, UC-ISR)

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